Do you know what your
IT Company is Actually doing for you?

Take Command of Your IT with Systems that Scale:

Aptica's Elite Holistic IT Philosophy

Our 4 Part Business Technology Solutions That Scale:

Smart Tools
& Systems

Affordable, user-friendly
technology that drives success

A Trusted

A Trusted and dedicated
techonology for ongoing longevity

Smarter Tools &
Iron Clad
A Trusted
Lightning Fast
User Support

Iron Clad

Robust and secure workflows
for a spectacular performance

Lighting Fast
User Support

Rapid and Responsive user
support for minimal downtime.

4 Steps To Your Perfectly Balanced Business Technology

By understanding the systems and data your company relies on, we design smarter solutions that not only improve overall protection but are user-friendly and tough enough for the level of risk involved. Our strategy is to strike the perfect balance between ease of use and digital protection, ensuring that your organization can operate with confidence in the safety of your data.

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Partners in Your Success

Since 2003, Aptica has been the leading IT provider of choice for many thriving businesses throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Our expertise, integrity and commitment to our neighbors has made us a trusted name for high quality and scalable Managed IT services.

Discover Easy IT That WORKS!:

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

Our Full Spectrum of Elite support and maintenance packages deliver the right level of care every time.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions

Everything from cloud soup to cloud nuts, including strategy, implementation and ongoing support to keep everything exceeding expectations.

IT Consulting
IT Consulting

Experienced experts ready to consult on everything from your IT strategy to implementation and everything in-between.

Data Backup & Recovery
Data Backup & Recovery

Network security, data security, backups, authentication, and all of the other considerations that keep your systems operating.


Industry-leading security solutions backed by years of experience keeping organizations just like yours safe to operate free from threats.

Email / Spam Protection
Email/Spam Protection

Ensuring that your email inboxes stay safe from threats while making sure that your deliverability remains high.

Troubleshooting & More
...& More

Quick access to the expert guidance, and complex problem-solving your team will need during day-to-day operations.


Problems We’ve Solved For Others

Partners in Security

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A project we are proud to present
and to have been a part of

113 East Maumee Street, Angola, IN 46703

Dare to Compare?

Not all IT providers are created equal.
Typical IT companies are only focused on technical problems without ever focusing on how clients can leverage technology for:
We dare you to compare how you think about technology by taking this quick and easy comparison.

More than Just Services,
it’s the Strategy that Sets Us Apart

Do You Dare to Compare?

Not all IT Providers are created equal. In Fact, most are only focused on services to solve technical problems without ever focusing on how clients can better leverage technology for long-term results:

Profit improvement


Risk minimization

Strategy Company A Company B
Scheduled management review meetings
Business weakness analysis
IT budgeting + forecasting
IT strategy & planning
Business strengths analysis
IT systems reports & review
Security risk assessment
IT performance reporting
Best practice assessment & customization
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Accordion Content
Accordion Content


More On The Ability To
Scale Up Or
Down—Especially Now

Our companies operate in a turbulent
business environment where new
technologies are reshaping industries,
customer preferences are evolving rapidly.
and geopolitical equations are shifting

Possible Recession? Time
To Review “Sustainable

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dental procedure, but in practice, it is a
combination of business choices and
procedures that can steer your company…

Longest Q1 Ever—Or So It
Feels, Right?

I am very much a by-the-book kind of
businessman. I plan. I project. I try to spend
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