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Continuing the theme of your computer network being as reliable as flipping on the light switch each morning, your tech support and security monitoring should be a business cost that is accountable and that you understand. From the get-go I have wanted my IT business to be a money-well-spent part of your business. Just like you know that it will cost you X amount of money to have electricity in your office for X hours each week, I want my customers to know that for their investment in tech support and security, they get monthly assurances like best practices network configuration, 24/7 monitoring, initial system upgrades as part of our on-boarding process, mobile device setup and monitoring and fast response time in a crisis (just to name a few.) I know that my company’s success is intertwined with the success of my customers in that we have to succeed at the same time—we are simultaneously successful if all goes to plan. Every quarter I ask my customers for some time so that we can sit down and discuss the past quarter and what’s coming up in the next one. I call this me being their “VCIO”, their Virtual Chief Information Officer. I’m not on their payroll in that official roll, but I perform all the duties of that position. I report on problems that came up and how they were resolved. I talk about costs and budget. I answer any and all questions about what Aptica is contributing to each business’ growth and development. Now—when was the last time your Utilities Company did that? Call me. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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