If Your Business Relies On Computers, You Need IT Support Beyond Just Network Failures

I’ve noticed there are some new “givens” in today’s world, like, it’s a given that you have to pay taxes, it’s a given that cell phones are here to stay. And slowly but surely, in the last 12 years since Aptica has been in business, now it’s a given that if your business relies on computers, you will need IT support. Technology continues to change rapidly, and that means both software and hardware. Hardware is engineered better these days, but software is so much more complex and sophisticated. Security is now paramount in any business day-to-day operation where you have critical company data you need to keep private. A somewhat recent but subtle change is that it’s probably no longer cost effective to keep a full time IT support person on staff, paying salary, benefits and continuing education. At Aptica we’ve learned that it’s not enough these days to be quick to respond to a business network crisis. We have to know your system so well that we can anticipate that crisis, plan ahead how to manage it when it happens, and advise you how to budget so there is no shocking expense at that time. While we are still the “fix it” guys, we are also the “see it coming” guys as well, and in my opinion that role has become the more important of the two. If you know it’s time to outsource your IT support but you’re not sure what that even means, please give me a call. I’m happy to walk you through how to find that IT team you can trust and you can afford. Jason Newburg, owner at Aptica, 260.243.5100, ext. 2001.

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