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“We fix problems.” This is the #1 reason people call us here at Aptica LLC. Once we get that call, our priority is speed, specifically, how quickly we can diagnose and repair the issue. We’ve gotten really good at finding the root cause of technology nightmares, but business-wise, our goal is to stay ahead of any such situation. Technology problems that create a slowdown in a work day become a cost of doing business, and obviously that takes away from the bottom line profit. We have seen in case study after case study that the cost of managed care, even at the most minimal level, is less than the cost of emergency repairs. Because technology changes so rapidly, and because staying connected to the Internet is necessary in today’s business, you need a specialist who understands how it works from a basic switch in the configuration to the global impact of your connectedness. Geeks that we are—we love that stuff. We study new trends and directions and we know if it’s appropriate for what our clients need to get done. Perhaps the best example of this is how everyone on your staff now brings their smart phone or tablet in to work. This isn’t just an HR policy issue in that it can impact productivity, but it’s also a technology issue if employees are using your bandwidth to stream music, or transferring files from your servers to their devices. Most times these are innocent and well-intentioned pursuits, but if as a boss you are not aware of the potential consequences, it can cost you. This is a problem we can help you with and teach you about. We can advise about best practices and suggest in-house policies to cover this type of situation. Call me today to discuss this or any situation in your business that involves your technology, and I can walk you through some possible fixes. We fix problems, and we’re proud of our accomplishments for our clients. Jason Newburg, Owner                    (260) 243-5100, ext 2001

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