What Is The Actual “Cost” To Have Aptica Tech Support?

I run a small business myself, so I’m all about the everyday costs of doing business. I have payroll, utilities, equipment, transportation—all the usual expenses. So I am absolutely prepared to talk to you about the actual “cost” of having a tech support company. Let’s start with you, your skills, and what your time is worth. What makes you awesome at your job? At your level of success, you have this one nailed, and if you can focus on how you are awesome at your job, you will grow. So, is working on your computers part of your skill set? No? Do you have the time to work on your computers and are you awesome at it? No? Then why would you use your valuable time doing that? Are you hurting your business by having to work on your computers? Why not spend your time and focus doing what you do best to make money? Right out of the gate, it’s as simple as that. So let someone who is awesome at working on computers do that job for you, and you can spend your time doing what got you to this point already. Factor in the cost of tech maintenance when you assemble your budget. If you have recently expanded, then you can project the business increase needed to maintain your essential office computer network. Or, you can think about how you would do your business without well-maintained computers. Ouch. I’m not afraid to walk you through the money part of hiring Aptica, LLC. We can start now. Call me. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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