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It is that time when many are working on their business budgets for next year. You get to see where you’ve grown, where you’d like to grow, and you have to think about how best to get from Point A to Point B in a cost effective way. Does the size of your business justify a full time IT person on staff, or will you be best served to have an IT company like Aptica managing your network for a monthly fee? I’m happy to sit down with you to discuss costs and concerns, because your profits and productivity become our responsibility when you bring us on board. We will provide you 24/7 remote monitoring for server stability and performance, for incident detection, for proper backups, and for your anti-virus defense. We will handle your mobile device management and do all that email configuring, which is pretty much a part of every business these days. We will do a data scrub of your old hard drives before recycling. We set up automated patching for Microsoft, Office, Adobe, Firefox, Chrome, etc., and we will explain all that to you so you understand why it’s all necessary. We take care of your end-point security and that includes web/content filtering, email spam prevention, and preventing spyware and destructive viruses. Yes, all of this goes on every day, as hackers try to diminish productivity by crippling business networks. It’s just out there, and it’s our job to keep it out of your network. We promise you a 100% No Hassle 60 Day Guarantee. If you decide you don’t need us in that time period, we will go away. So far—no takers on this policy. We like what we do and we do it well. Call me for more information. 260 243-5100, ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, owner.

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