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It’s not enough to just be good with computers. IT is a highly competitive business, and every company has staff who are good with computers. For that reason, I study business models and work with mentors to learn what can give my business, Aptica LLC, a significant edge. That learning is why we are better. It’s not enough to just have the skills to fix the breaks. We believe your IT company should also know enough about who you are and how you work so that when you have a crisis, we know where to start working first. When you hire Aptica, we will bring your company “On Board” by standardizing key components of your network. Once you are part of the “Aptica Way”, then even the smallest hiccup can be quickly diagnosed and corrected. Your data will have been solidly backed up and is easily retrieved. The money you invest in your IT support should save you from big losses when the system goes down. I want you to know that you don’t have to worry about what’s happening with your network, you just have to handle your business. And when you have questions about what’s going on with your network, I’ll give you answers in terms that you will understand. And you will see exactly what we did and why we had to do it from the detail on your monthly statement. This transparency is the bedrock of our efforts to support your success. If you have questions about our different levels of service, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m happy to speak to you on the phone or to arrange a meeting to see if Aptica LLC is a fit for your needs. Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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