And I don’t mean Putin in the Ukraine. I’m thinking more about the power of Mother Nature. March wasn’t even over and we saw destructive tornados in Missouri. The weather patterns have been all over the map, literally, and have included heavy rains, ice and big winds. These events are reported in terms of property damage, personal injuries, and how many people are left in the dark, without power. It’s the aftermath of these events that can create long days for us here at Aptica LLC, so I make it part of my service to my clients to discuss and plan for power management. We know the history of our weather here. We can do a lot to prevent computer deaths and down time if we plan for possible electrical surprises. First of all, if you have computers that are plugged into wall outlets or that share an inexpensive power strip with other devices, we know those units are not protected against surges, brownouts or any kind of power blips. Let’s hope those computers are old and that you need new ones anyway. Lightening does strange things to power, and when our Spring storms come rolling in, you must have quality surge protectors. If you don’t, you are just gambling, playing Russian roulette with your office devices. Whether you are our client or not, please know that we sell a surge protector that also has battery backup, and this runs around $50. A new computer will cost you $500-$600. You’re a good business person; you can do the math. I’m happy to talk to you about planning for your technology needs, both for your hardware and your IT support. Heck, I’ll even speculate about what Mother Nature has in store for us this Spring if you want to go that route. But ultimately my goal is to see to it that you have zero down time at your business because of computer problems. So give me a call. Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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