Exactly where is your data stored?

Exactly where is your business data stored?

Being able to restore your business data after a system failure is our first priority here at Aptica. And while all technology is designed to protect and provide your business with 100% uptime, there are things that happen that are beyond anyone’s control, running the gamut of possibilities from human error to the weather. We can arrange for several layers of encrypted backup protection. First we set up your in-house servers to back up to a local NAS (network attached storage) using full image-base backup technology. Second, we can also back up your critical workstations and computers for rapid restoration in the same manner. The third leg of the backup stool is to store your data well off the premises, in case of any disaster that might damage or destroy your place of business. We can backup once a night to every 15 minutes. We find that many of our clients in arenas like accounting or law prefer an hour-by-hour backup strategy. Certainly in those fields, to have to try to back track and rebuild client information after a network-related disaster would be a tremendous loss. We use external hard drives for those companies who like to have an employee take that day’s backup home every night. That person will unplug one hard drive and plug in another, and that day’s data remains in the keeping of the designated company member. We get constant reports on your backup activity, and we can know almost immediately if a backup is failing. Aptica can respond within minutes to make the fix when we get the failure alert. Check in here next week and I’ll tell you about storage in The Cloud. It’s our fourth place to keep your business records, and it’s fascinating to know about. If you have questions about backing up your data, please call me at 260.243.5100, ext 2001. This procedure is huge for the safety of your daily business transactions and I’m happy to walk you through everything you need to know to keep your company information secure.  Jason Newburg, Owner.
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