Contingency Plan? Now Is A Good Time To Have One

Contingency Plan? Now Is A Good Time To Have One

“Confidence is that feeling you have right before you know all the facts.” I have laughed at this adage ever since I have been in business. Ain’t it the truth? I don’t know that I believe some cosmic shift has pushed us into these I-Max-type world situations (i.e. pandemic, brutal war in Ukraine,) but I do know that the ripples from these events touch all of us. And since I can’t control the world stage, then I need to put my energy into being ready for what might happen in our corner. Do you have a contingency plan? Now is a good time to have one.

The Federal Government Is Working On Contingency Plans

What we know for sure is that we need to produce more semiconductor chips in the USA. Currently, the US produces 12% of these chips. Semiconductor chips are used in just about everything electronic. One of the ripples of the war in Ukraine will be how it affects our ability to get neon. Neon is a gas, and 50% of all neon is refined in Ukraine. Neon is a key element in the production of semiconductors. Whether it is your phone, your car, your washing machine, or your kids’ video game box—you are going to need semiconductor chips to replace or repair any of these. The CEOs of both Micron and Intel were just testifying in front of a Congressional committee on Wednesday about this situation and America’s need to address it. There is a $52 billion dollar funding bill in Congress now to support the Made in USA chips. Such expansion would make the US more competitive with China in this arena. 

National Intelligence Sources Warn Of Possible Cyber Attacks

I talked about the possibility of Russian cyber-attacks just two weeks ago. There is a chance we will see attacks on banking systems, electrical grids, and other critical services infrastructure. Because these industries are in a heightened state of alert, I hope they will be able to deflect cyber incursions and/or restore services quickly. But as I have also warned, if the Russians take this road, it will open doors for all threat actors to also jump on that attack wagon. Other attackers may focus on smaller targets like mid-size or mom-and-pop businesses. What is your cyberdefense in-depth strategy?  Do you even have one?  Cyberwarfare is different in that you can never be sure when someone might strike—you can only be prepared and vigilant.

Contingency Plan? Now Is A Good Time To Have One

Getting back to hometown business, do you have a contingency plan? Have you made a “What if?” list? I don’t think anyone had such a list when Covid 19 first started to sweep through our nation. But certainly, we learned the hard way that damage to the human workforce affected everything from service at the local breakfast diner to materials to build the latest skyscraper. It will take a while for the supply chain to recover, so we have learned to think ahead with that issue. Semiconductor chips will be another scramble. So also will be obtaining components we rely on that are produced overseas. This might be a good reason for local businesses of all types to sit down together to brainstorm how to face these probable dilemmas. You should always have a plan. And one for after that.

Once again, if you have questions about any of these real-time threats, give us a call at Aptica. We offer free assessments, and we don’t mind answering questions. We can help you with that “What if?” list if you need to get started. Give us a call. 260.243.5100Jason Newburg, 260.243.5100, ext 2101, is the founder and owner of Aptica LLC. This IT management and support company has been serving small to medium-sized businesses for 20 years in the region that includes Angola, South Bend, and Fort Wayne, IN, Battle Creek, MI, and Toledo OH.

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