Who Serves You? Managed IT And The 80/20 Rule

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Especially when you are the business owner, there are those days when you feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of having to take care of everyone else. Your clients need you. Your vendors are demanding. Your staff and employees all seem to alternate their good and bad days. But it’s your enterprise, so it’s up to you to keep all the plates spinning on the sticks—except for your managed IT.

At Aptica, we take pride in being mostly invisible. You don’t need to watch us monitor your computer network and devices 24/7/365. There will be some scheduled meetings about budget, assessments, upgrades, and accountability, but you should not have Aptica on your worry-list at all. Our goal with all our clients is to model the 80/20 rule.

We believe good IT management is 80% proactive and only 20% reactive. 80% of our effort goes into assessing your current hardware/software situation and configuring your business network so that computer catastrophes do not occur at all. Having said that, we are also humble enough to know there will always be unforeseen circumstances that require our immediate reaction. We forecast your hardware replacement needs. We stay on top of your industry’s software and advise you of any new products that will keep you on the leading edge. But when Mother Nature decides to let loose with high winds and destructive storms, for example, then we know to be ready to get the backups going and all the connections reset.

Cybersecurity is a special emphasis for every business in our now-global economies. Your bookkeeping and your trade secrets should remain yours, and it’s our responsibility to be on top of this week’s malware so that you never receive that ransom notice or learn that you are exposed in the latest WikiLeaks release.

Change Is Scary, But Your IT Needs Can’t Wait

It can be hard to accept the understanding that your information technology today needs specialists for design and maintenance. It starts with asking questions. If your network is not currently protected and monitored by IT specialists, it’s time to start your research. We offer a free IT assessment at Aptica, LLC. Call us and learn the particulars about moving into managed IT services. We are here to serve you.

Jason Newburg, 260.243.5100, ext 2001, is the founder and owner of Aptica LLC. This IT management and support company has been serving small to medium-sized businesses for 15 years in the area that includes Angola, South Bend, and Fort Wayne, IN, Battle Creek, MI, and Toledo, OH.

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