What Is An “Endpoint”?

As you see on our website, our pricing is based on how many “endpoints” you have. At Aptica, we define an endpoint as a company-owned computer or mobile device that is active in your company network. Your desktop computers that get used all day every day are endpoints. Desktops or laptops at home or at another remote location that are allowed to join your network (via VPN for example) are endpoints, and in today’s world of mobile devices we would want to know how smartphones and tablets are allowed to participate in your network. All of your endpoints are set up to the Aptica Way standards, all can be monitored, and all can act as a conduit for viruses and malware. So when you hire Aptica to be your tech support partner, we take on the responsibility for the health and the productivity of each of your endpoints. The more endpoints, the more risk, and we have calculated the time to maintain and service the various numbers of endpoints. We stay on top of new tech developments in both software and hardware, and it’s part of our job to keep you educated on those topics as well. If it’s time to replace an endpoint, we can tell you why. If you have a mobile user who is careless when browsing, we can give you some good experienced-based advice on how to handle it before it gets costly. Not sure how much you should be allocating for tech support? I can walk you through that. Call me. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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