What is The Cloud?

By now you’ve heard of Cloud computing, and it’s really okay if you can’t exactly explain it. But let me give it a shot, so you know the value of Aptica using Cloud computing for your business. Think of The Cloud like electricity. When you plug something into the wall outlet, electricity flows. You didn’t generate the electricity yourself and probably you have no idea where the electricity was generated. It’s just there when you need it. All you care about is that you have it so that all your devices work. Cloud computing works just the same way. Through an internet connection (just like a wall plug), you can access whatever files, data, or applications you have stored in the Cloud–anytime, anywhere, from any of your devices. How it gets to you and where it “is” are not your concern (well, for most people they’re not). The benefits of this method of storage are huge. To stay with the electricity analogy, if your IT department is still pre-Cloud, you’re running the equivalent of an in-house generator. Just think of the potential for disaster:  generators break down, they can run out of fuel, they need to be serviced, and–if demand for power increases—you will need to buy new ones and bring those online.

The Cloud frees IT from all that because, just like a power company, Cloud providers are the ones who take care of all maintenance, infrastructure, and repair. They are responsible for surges in demand, and they guarantee the reliability of their service.

And actually, it’s closer to the true situation to say that Cloud computing is more than just electricity, it’s more like all the utilities hooked up to your business, like water, gas, cable etc. When you’re using The Cloud, it’s providing three basic types of service that include software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service. So now you know about the Cloud, and please also know that Aptica LLC relies on The Cloud to support the safety and storage of your irreplaceable business data. Staying on top of any new technology is our responsibility to our clients, and you know computer guys—we love this nerdy stuff! Call me today to learn more about safely storing your data at 260.243.5100, ext 2001. Jason Newburg, Owner.

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