I like to blog about computer tidbits you need to know. News you can use. Power management is important, especially when the weather can wreak havoc with the electricity that powers our business equipment. What if it stormed last night, you came into work today, pushed all the buttons and nothing booted? You can do a lot to prevent that. One of the first things Aptica will do for you is set you up to have clean power. Clean power is power that is delivered at a steady rate that never varies, and that is delivered per your device manufacturer’s specs. Aptica uses protective devices that are more than just surge protectors. Our devices are configured to monitor the level of power being delivered to your computers and servers. If you hear a loud beeping sound, you know you have a power problem. When you check the device, the color of the light will indicate the level of the problem. If the light is green, the crisis is over. A yellow light indicates something more serious occurred. A red light means the device is probably no longer relevant. There is a reset button, but after a red light, it’s unlikely to reset. We keep an extra device on site for immediate replacement. Desktop surge protectors are called Backups. If you hear such a noise in your server room—that’s a big deal. A server protector is designed to give up to 20 minutes of power after electricity goes out and it will be the last thing to power down. The length of time after the power goes out determines the price of a server surge protector. Server surge protectors are called, by the way, Smartups. Once Aptica has worked on power management for your business, your likelihood of crashing is minimized. Losing computers or servers equates to a loss of productivity. I’m all about making technology your friend and not your worst nightmare. I believe technology is a lever to gain profit, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about how computers can serve your business. Call me. Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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