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“How do I know my network is good?” is a question I hear often. Some days pages seem slow to load, or processes may time out. You are not a computer expert, but somehow things seem different. Now what? You just want someone to come check things out, but you don’t know what that would cost, how long it would take, or who to trust when hearing results. Aptica LLC is now offering a Network Health Check for $395.00. We use a diagnostic program that can scan through your network setup and search for abnormalities. There is a selection of diagnostic programs to choose from, and we spent some time checking out the best sellers. Now we have that program available here, and we can offer the service at a very good price. There are no strings attached, and you’ll get no hard sell from us for future services. We feel strongly that this affordable network health check service should be a standard offering in our toolbox, and we hope we can always give you good news after the scan. If we catch something that shouldn’t be there, we can suggest a fix and we will offer you our price, but you are not obligated past the network health check at all. Aptica LLC is happy to be able to offer you some affordable health care for your business network. The price for this peace of mind is $395.00 and it’s a diagnostic program that can define and confirm the health of your computer network, and you won’t lose a minute of productivity while we are doing it. If you have questions about this important service, please call me. I would enjoy talking with you about the Health Check or any aspect of IT support.Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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