How Much Time Do You Have Each Day To Be A Computer Expert?

Well, unless computers and networks are your business, I’m guessing you are like all of our Aptica clients and the answer is: absolutely no time to learn and then stay on top of computer stuff. And that’s why contracting with Aptica LLC is good insurance for your business. Staying on top of the latest tech advances keeps us hopping, but we are computer nerds who love to learn about all the new tech toys and tech discoveries. For example, I remember when employees using their personal devices like smart phones and tablets first began. We had to figure out how to make that work to the business owner’s advantage and at the same time keep those connections from crashing the business network servers. Nowadays, everyone seems to want to be connected and they are willing to work whenever something comes across their personal screens. It’s a very fast-paced world these days, and commerce is global, so all time zones have to be considered. That’s great for business, but it really underlines the importance of having very good security and 24/7 monitoring. Both of those are specialties for us. When you contract with Aptica, we onboard you into our best practices. We know what works to keep your company data safe, and we know how to connect all your employees and their personal devices so that you will be protected. Why take any chances? Give me a call and ask questions. This is important for your business productivity. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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