Mobile Devices: Open Doors To Your Company Network?

In today’s business world, I’ll bet there is not one company that doesn’t have at least one mobile device connected to the company servers. Safe to say most owners get their company email on their personal mobile phone or tablet. We all have key employees who will monitor company email on their personal smart phones and/or tablets. This constant contact with your business is what it takes to stay competitive and I doubt the need for this attention level will go away. That said, have you as a business owner addressed the possibilities of your company network being compromised from mobile device connections? The leading trend in malware right now is the targeting of mobile devices. I can’t do anything about all the bad guys in tech world, but I can help you keep from getting hacked through company cell phones or tablets. Are your employees using their mobiles devices wisely? Have all precautions been taken around each mobile device you allow within your network? Are you and your employees aware of how destructive malware can get into the business servers? Aptica LLC can check all this out for you and we can educate your employees about the use of their personal mobile devices they have connected to the company network. Let us prevent the destruction, rather than have to clean it up after you’ve lost a day of productivity. Call me and ask questions about which red flags you should watch for. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, Owner.

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