Not Knowing When Something In Your Network Will Break

We understand why we have to have insurance for our homes, our cars, our businesses and our health. These days, considering how most all commerce is now global, it’s important to have some kind of insurance for your business computer network. Things happen, and even if you know someone who can figure out what, that person may be available immediately when you need him. It can be like trying to get in to see a doctor that morning you wake up with the flu. Having managed IT services has become a necessary form of insurance—unless somehow your business can run without computers. What? Managed IT service guarantees that someone knows how your network runs, can more quickly diagnose the source of your problems, and will show up in a hurry when you call with your crisis. Aptica will do all that, and we like to do more. When we partner with your business, one of our first tasks is to learn and chart the inventory of your hardware and software and to get an estimate of the age of each. Then we can project, based on case studies, when you might expect elements in your network to wear out or to become obsolete. We then help you budget for that possibility, and we know where to possibly expect trouble. It’s like telling your doctor as much of your family health history as you know. We want you to totally focus on doing what you do best in your business. Let Aptica worry about your computer network. Think about how managed IT service can ensure your daily productivity. If you have questions, please call me. I’d love to walk you through our method of “insurance.” Jason Newburg, owner of Aptica. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001

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