Start From Scratch When You’re Ready for Windows 10

Was your iphone hacked in the recent breach?

I’ve already said that I think it’s wise to wait to install Microsoft’s Windows 10. Give them some time to be in use and to fix the glitches users have undoubtedly reported since the new program became available. Once your holiday festivities are over and you are settled in for some serious winter work, then you should plan how and when you will update your Windows operating system. Aptica favors and always uses what we call a “bare metal” approach to this task. We uninstall the current Windows in use before installing the new Windows 10. It takes longer, but our experience is that this is a cleaner and ultimately more efficient way to start a new operating protocol. You don’t need to keep your old Windows program on your hard drive and you want the least possible margin of potential errors when you start learning something new. You can google this process if you have any doubts about how to get this done or you can ask around to see if someone you know has updated in this way. I think you should also consider if your business has reached a point where you can’t take a chance on something this significant going wrong, and maybe it’s time to outsource your IT management. Small to mid-size business network management is what Aptica does best. I’m happy to answer any question you might have about outsourcing your IT support needs. Give me a call. Jason Newburg, owner of Aptica. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001.

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