The Video Camera And What I Learned

After 10+ years of owning and operating a tech support company, I have learned a lot about where we fit into the business growth cycle. I’ve studied best practices and continue to study—technology changes so fast, so do the best practices. What I have in common with your business is that for me to succeed, I have to have a plan, just like you have a plan, for what’s next. Part of that plan was to make a few videos about who we are and what we do so that there was a real person now visible with the Aptica name. I confess: facing that video camera was harder than I expected. I can sit across the desk from you and talk about Aptica for hours, but to speak to a camera and then post it on our website is a whole different experience. But that was the plan, and I signed on because the reasons to do it made sense to me, and I think it will help people understand why contracting with outsourced tech support can be safe and sensible and cost effective. Just like you, Aptica has a plan and a budget, and we are willing to try new things to help advance our business. But facing that video camera was a little intimidating, and I’m lucky that the professional videographer is also a guy (John Brune) with a business, who has a plan and a budget, and who is willing to work with people to learn how he can help them with their business. See? We are all in this together. Take a look ( and give me a call. Jason Newburg, owner of Aptica. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001

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