We Need To Talk. New Year, Time To Plan For Your Network Security

There is a special energy in the beginning of each new year. It’s a chance to start fresh and to use everything we learned from last year’s unexpected disasters. Throughout the two holiday weeks, we were busy at Aptica, and I was reminded that computer problems just happen when they happen, holiday or not (plumbers will tell you it’s the same in their trade!) Last year, did you ‘get by’ because you had a young kid on your staff and he or she seemed to know how to get that printer back up or to somehow restart the server? And afterward, no one knew what had caused the problem, but now you knew who to call if it happened again. That’s a really big risk to take. How long can your business afford to be offline in today’s world? In the past year, Aptica got several calls to come and fix after the unofficial in-house IT person couldn’t get the network rebooted. And that’s why we need to talk. Just how much does it cost to contract with Aptica to keep your network productive and secure? Let me walk you through what you get and what it costs. You can compare this to the cost of adding an employee who has the same skills. We focus on security and prevention. We want your computers to be so solid that you don’t ever have to call us because your system is down. We want to absolutely prevent any hacks, regardless of how your employees are using their smart phones and tablets as they try to work remotely. It’s complicated, but it’s our specialty. It’s business insurance worth having and it’s affordable. So call me. I’m happy to walk you through all we can do for you. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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