When Do You Need IT Support?

I’ll be absolutely honest with you (well, that’s really how I always am.) If you had asked me this question ten years ago when I started my IT support business, I would have had a list to give you to answer the above question. But in today’s world, the answer is down to one word: Now. You need IT support now if you have any computers used in either your business or your household. I can remember when only a select few local business were using their computers actively in their businesses, and I remember when local merchants and vendors started adding computers, and users, and were needing to connect all these technical tools so they could share information. Once computer networking became the norm, and that happened really quickly, I’d say in less than two years, then it was extremely critical to have someone who specialized in IT support only a phone call away. Security is the biggest reason your business network needs to be monitored. If you have proprietary information on your computers, you need a firewall, and you need someone watching that firewall to be sure it’s up and active. And things happen. I don’t think any employee ever intends to bring his/her work computer to the blue screen of death, but it happens. And your IT support team will look for intruders, viruses, sabotage and the like, but most importantly, your IT team will bring that unit back to life and productivity. Being your insurance policy to continued productivity is the part of my job that makes me the happiest. I love to tinker with technical toys, but more than that I love to fix problems. I’m glad I have a good mechanic to fix my vehicles, and I want my customers to be glad they had the foresight to have a really good IT support company like Aptica LLC immediately available when things get wonky with their networks. Call me if you have questions about what to expect when you bring on an outside IT support company like Aptica LLC. I love to answer all those questions.  Jason Newburg, Owner  260 243-5100, ext 2001

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