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I want all business owners to understand: you control what happens with your work computers and we help you set up those controls by configuring your Active Directory in the way the gives you the most security and productivity. You decide who can be users in your network. You control what websites can be viewed on your work computers. These days it’s probably more common than not that Facebook cannot be opened from a work computer. It’s just too much of a distraction, and it’s a drain on productivity. For some businesses, Yahoo is also not allowed. Although it’s a search engine, it’s also a very social news site. It’s really part of our job at Aptica to counsel our business owners as to which sites should and probably should not be allowed access from their work computers. There is software now that allows you as a business owner to manage the use of remote devices such as cell phones and tablets. You can remote lock and remote wipe these devices, and this ability has saved many companies from unwanted malware and from losing company strategies and secrets. When was the last time you examined how your Active Directory is set up? Have you recently agreed to let your employees use their own devices for company business? Reviewing your permissions, restrictions and overall group policies is not a time-consuming ordeal, and Aptica would be happy to sit down with you to go over what your business needs to be secure and yet still profit from the use of mobile devices. If you are interested, please give me a call and let’s talk about what to do. I have answers. 260 243-5100, ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, owner.

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