Aptica Can De-Crapify Your Computers

Your employees are complaining that programs, pages and websites are extremely slow to load, and you know that it’s time to have someone come to check your machines and your network. We get this call a lot. What we most often find is that, over the course of several months, all your users have collected quite the array of what’s known in our business as “crapwear.” From looking at and loading different pages and sites, your employees have also loaded several toolbars, have cached hundreds of pages, and often we find that Facebook is open somewhere. This load of unnecessary bloat will cause a computer to be very slow to boot, and slow to move to the applications necessary for your business to have a strong, productive work day. Our first move is to educate the owner as to what’s going on. Then we will flush out all the junk, or “de-crapify.” While all of this bloatwear was loaded at no cost to the user, it’s not really “free.” It’s actually a huge drain on your privacy and your data. We can show you how you are surrendering a lot of your information and sending it back to other networks and to their associate businesses. Anything on your business computers that causes a slowdown in the daily work process costs you in productivity. Aptica has software that will regularly flush a computer’s cache, and we have scripts that run behind the scenes and keep your computers clean. You are not even aware that this housekeeping is going on, except that slowness is no longer an issue. Our clients tell us that to have us install and monitor this program gives them some of their greatest peace of mind. We are happy to take a look at your slow computers. And remember, a full Network Health Check is only $395.00. Give me a call if you have questions, or if you want us to come take a look. Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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