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These are the three most common first words I hear when I get phone calls from clients. Rarely is the situation called about understated. We have the information you see below on our website permanently, but I want to put it out there for you again so you know the fastest way to get us when you have an issue. Send an email with or without a screenshot, and a technician will be assigned. If all technicians are currently on a call, they may still be able to see and resolve your problem. Always email [email protected]. This ensures the next available technician will see your request. This is usually faster than emailing a specific tech directly. Call us directly at 260-243-5100 #1. If you get our voicemail during business hours, absolutely leave a message with name, best phone number and a short description. Voicemails left on our support line are also emailed to all techs. We’ve assigned names to all your computers, and telling us the computer name that needs work will expedite things a lot. This name can be found on your computer or on the attached monitor. Also, Aptica will perform maintenance and support on your computers in the off hours. When you leave work, always log off your machine—but leave it on. Leaving your machine on when you go home helps us do several things. We have scheduled maintenance routines that keep your computers running at optimal performance. We also update all the things that need to be updated during a time when it won’t be a distraction to you, such as Java version updates, Adobe Reader updates, antivirus enhancements, an Office and/or Microsoft patches. It’s our job to be sure you come in each day to a computer that works perfectly, and to be there if something happens to interrupt your productivity. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have about maintenance routines, our behind-the-scenes fixing and updating, and most importantly:  security. Next week I want to talk to you about cyber security in this very scary world. Call me with your questions at 260-243-5100 ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, Owner.

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