Do You Need A Computer Network Health Check?

I know what it’s like to run your own business. Suddenly it’s 10 years later, and finally you have a chance to sit back a little and take stock. How old are your computers? Do your new employees, especially the younger ones, complain that the system takes forever to load, or that applications time out? Think of your business network like a road system. Has traffic increased significantly so that the infrastructure no longer allows speed and efficiency? How your business works is one of the first key pieces of information for us when we do a network health check, and we will ask about the age of your equipment and the differences in work volume from when you started to the present day. We will assess your current network configuration, looking at your network cables like they were roads, and your switches as if they were stoplights. Do you have a lot of automated tasks programmed? This can also affect your information traffic flow. Our job is to determine where your potholes are, and to diagnose whether we can just pave over them to get you back up to speed, or whether we need to tear up the road entirely and lay new ones. Computer processing speed is your best tool in today’s business world, and you must be able to react quickly to get the best rewards. We are happy to come in and run our diagnostic program on your network, and to work with your current IT staff to update and upgrade your technology infrastructure. Our Network Health Check is only $395.00  If you have questions about this important service, please call me. I would enjoy talking with you about the Health Check or any aspect of IT support.Jason Newburg, Owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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