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And I say this because you could be next. Really. It’s all over the news right now, with allegations of Russians hacking the recent election and Yahoo discovering its epic invasion. At Aptica we’ve already heard so many reasons as to why people don’t think their business will ever be hacked. Not big enough, not rich enough, because it provides basic services, because there’s nothing exciting in the data base. And yet, we keep hearing about solo practitioners, day care centers, eldercare facilities, hospitals, tire stores, retail gift boutiques, hardware stores, and the list goes on—to restore or reclaim their data.

Anyone in business is low-hanging fruit to hackers. Your mailing lists can be hacked and sold. Any degree of personal information on your clients, even as simple as addresses or phone numbers, can be sold on the Dark Net.

You need to think this out and be sure of your company’s situation. Just like putting locks on your doors, you need to have rock solid security around your business computer network. And just like an insurance policy for your home and your vehicles, you need to have a disaster recovery plan in place for your business data. If someone steals it or ransoms it–what do you do first?
At Aptica we study this relatively recent and menacing phenomenon. We know the latest worms, viruses, and attack schemes. We stay right on top of the latest prevention strategies and recovery software. If we are managing your IT, we have 24/7 monitoring and we have backups of all your company data. Preventing an attack is our primary goal, but right behind that is our ability to get you quickly back into business and productivity as usual.

As you work on your plans for growth and stability in the New Year, give serious time to understanding your vulnerability in cyber world and what you can do to stay safe. If you have questions, Aptica is available to answer them and to offer suggestions. Be confident about your security going into 2017. Call me, Jason Newburg, owner at Aptica, 260.243.5100, ext. 2001.

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