Let’s Talk About iPhone 6

I know that people are dedicated to their phone choices. If you’ve never worked with Apple devices, I can understand you might be a little reluctant to start. And I say, if you’re happy with whatever operating system you’ve been using, then don’t worry about changing. But—if your’re curious about switching to an iPhone, then there is one big plus I can talk to you about. Security. Yes, I’m back to that word. Security is a very big deal in today’s world full of unscrupulous hackers. Home Depot gets hacked and loses 56 million personal records? The hackers called “Anonymous” claim there are no systems in the world they cannot raid? To Apple’s credit, their operating system is not so susceptible to security breaches. Aptica cleans up a lot of virus messes on PCs, and Microsoft spends big money and incredible hours trying to make software that cannot be penetrated. I have not yet had a call to clean a virus out of an Apple product. Statistically, there are fewer Apple devices, fewer Mac computers being used in business and fewer iPhones and iPads than there are Android devices currently in use. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time, but for now, Apple devices are safer. Has the security of your business network been compromised? Are you worried about letting your employees connect with your network using their personal devices? If you have questions like this—we should talk. Aptica has programs to monitor the security of your network while allowing the use of personal devices. It’s easier to prevent a security breach than it is to clean up after one. Call me and let’s discuss it. 260 243-5100, ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, owner.

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