Just the word “forensics” is now an everyday term in our conversations, thanks mostly to recent popular TV shows like CSI and NCIS. It literally means information that can be used in courts of law or used in public debate. So you can guess where I’m going when I tell you that Aptica LLC can provide you with forensic information technology services, or cyber forensics. Now that doing business and the internet are so co-dependent, it’s imperative that business owners and managers have access to all the computer activities of employees who work within the business computer network. For example, you can lose valuable company information from a disgruntled employee, your website can get hacked or get a virus if your employees are not following company policies about internet use. At Aptica LLC, we have two different protocols for providing forensic IT services. After we get the call to trace cyber activities or to analyze a hard drive, we will discreetly provide the information that we find to the business owner first. Often any action between ownership and employee will remain in-house. Not all laundry needs to be aired outside and we understand that.  After we deliver our findings, actions can be taken without public knowledge or scrutiny. Sometime what we discover through our cyber forensics will be deemed criminal or dangerous, and the business owner will go to law enforcement.  Aptica LLC has had the training from legal counsel as to how to gather and preserve cyber information that can be used as evidence in a court of law. If you question an employee’s recent loss of productivity, or if you have telecommuters, I would be happy to talk to you about our cyber forensic services. We are thorough, discreet and we can provide information for your eyes only or for your attorney if that is what’s needed. Call me for more information at 260-243-5100 ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, Owner.

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