Childhood Lessons Apply In Grownup Planning

Measure twice, cut once. A penny saved is a penny earned. Be prepared.

Seems like the older I get, the better I understand these cautions that my dad tried to teach me as a kid, and the stakes get higher as you grow into your life choices. Starting your own business, or running a business can be your dream come true, but there’s a lot on the table to consider when you have to choose how to grow and thrive. Computers in the workplace certainly facilitated a quantum leap for most businesses, but in the last year especially we have seen the darker side of our complex technology applications. It’s no longer enough just to have someone on staff who can hook up a new work station or fix a printer. For your computers to really help you, your network has to be specifically configured. Your hardware should be up to date, and your software should be cutting edge for your industry. IT has become its own pillar under the platform of your success, and you need to have someone you trust absolutely to keep your technology secure and productive.

It’s planning time for me and for most business owners I know. Budgets for next year are front and center, and for many it is their possible IT needs that have become the great unknown. If you haven’t done it already, maybe it’s time to outsource your IT management? Bring in professionals who study and focus on nothing but today’s rapidly evolving technology. Sleep at night knowing that your business network is secure, that you’ve been given a plan for equipment maintenance and repair, and that if something blows up someone will be there right away to control the damage. IT proficiency is no longer a luxury: it’s a necessity. If you think it’s time, or if you’re not sure if what you’ve currently got is enough, let Aptica answer some questions for you. We practice prevention first, 24/7 monitoring, minimizing need in a crisis, and executive level consulting for planning and budgeting. Call me, Jason Newburg, owner at Aptica, 260.243.5100, ext. 2001.

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