Good IT Management Is About Having A Plan

When you are working on your personal desktop or laptop at home and something gets weird, I’ll bet you all know to first just shut it down and let it reset. We all know that with electronics, commands can get jammed and can cause your machine to act funny. So you turn things off, wait a few minutes, then reboot—and probably 9 times out of 10 you are back up and running.

But, when this starts happening on machines in your business network of however many work stations, we have not found that . So at Aptica, when we partner with you, having a “find it and fix it” plan is one of the top three priorities. If one work station gets a virus, it’s probable that it will spread quickly to all work stations. To get all stations up and running right again, there needs to be a process. Having someone with the expertise to do that for your business is what managed IT service is all about. It’s no different than calling the Fire Department for a fire, or the SWAT team for a crisis situation. And I don’t think those are comparisons that are too grandiose; every minute your computers are down, your business is not producing. That’s a crisis.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about what all managed IT services include. Please call me, Jason Newburg, owner, at 260.243.5100, extension 2001.

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