Has All Your Time And Money Spent On IT Issues Stopped The Problems?

Time__MoneyOne of the common reports I get after a client has outsourced their IT to Aptica is this: “I never realized how much time and money we were spending on our computer problems, yet the problems didn’t end.” It’s similar to when you track what you spend for morning coffee, or for eating out, then you run a total and are shocked at how this adds up. As business owners we learn to incorporate “fixing” into our daily business routines, whether it’s personnel or training or customer service. Usually it’s a look at the budget that brings home the actual cost of our own little rescues.

When Aptica takes on a new client, we spend time learning and assessing your computer system, from configurations to hardware to connections. We start by understanding exactly what you have and how it’s serving you (or not!) But here’s the best part: we do that; not you. And when you hand over your IT to us, plan to keep your expectations high. We expect to answer every question you have about how we will be serving you. We can tell you what things cost and which things are important to have or to replace or to repair. We watch your business progress, and we talk to you about what technology you might need to support growth. We strive to be in your circle of trust because we are certain that up-to-the-minute technology is how you stay on top of your competition.

Stop losing your valuable time and money on complex technology that you must have but can’t stay on top of. Outsource your IT to Aptica and get back to doing the business you love. I’m happy to walk you through how our onboarding process works. Call me. Jason Newburg, owner, 260.243.5100, ext. 2001.

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