YOU Decide What’s Allowed On Your Work Computers

A reluctant choice is working out well

The IRS got hacked. Target got hacked. Sony Pictures got hacked. What do these 3 organizations have in common? They all have many many users on their company networks. And all it takes is one odd attachment opened, and the bad guys can be in your systems.

As your business grows and your company network grows to accommodate new employees, please be aware that you, the company owner, can decide how your work computers get used. Just that simple. Most companies have computer usage policies that are a part of the Employee Handbook. You can limit company internet usage to just those places where your employees need to go for work. No Facebook, Instagram, Amazon—your work computers don’t need to offer websites that are not directly related to the business. As technology changes, you can change your usage policies. I’m not suggesting you be rigid on the topic, but your first loyalty should be to your company’s productivity. And if those dangerous and distracting websites are not even an option for your employees, it’s one less security problem you have to worry about (but there are many more!)

I don’t want to always be saying that the sky is falling, but what I know from my 11 years in business is that it sure can be easy to make the sky fall. Learn the basics of securing your work computers. Prevent a disaster rather than recover from one. Call me to talk about any computer related questions you may have, especially security. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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