Just A Few Words About Technology “Risk”

I’ve talked a lot about reducing noise and reducing risk. I’ve defined “noise” so that you can know it when you hear it start to rise. And certainly anyone who is in business went into it knowing that there is inherent risk in any entrepreneurial endeavor, right? But—especially because technology continues to morph at the speed of light, I need to try to define IT “risk” in particular for you. Unless your business is not dependent on your computers and your network, here are some things to know.

It’s important to know things about your hardware, software and network needs. How old is your equipment (does anyone on staff really know?) Age is related to capability as well as performance. Is your current software the most efficient out there for what you do (or are your employees spending longer than necessary to do certain tasks?) How is your network connected and when was it done (and by experts or by the youngest person on staff?) Last but certainly not least: how secure is your data and what have you done to upgrade security lately? If you can’t answer these questions, then you don’t know when your system might fail or when you might lose proprietary company information or critical and confidential client data.

IT specialists like Aptica know past, present and future when it comes to getting the most out of your IT investments. We can tell you how to budget based on the age of your equipment. We can tell you if there is new software out that can save you time on routine or specific tasks. And we might take one look at your network and reconfigure it right away so that production is increased immediately. Partnering with a professional IT company like Aptica will cut your risk of downtime due to equipment failure, of overspending on purchases and repairs, and possibly even on paying through the nose to ransom your precious data.

It’s worth a conversation. I can teach you some things. Call me, Jason Newburg, owner at Aptica, 260.243.5100, ext. 2001.

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