Adding a New User Account in SBS 2011

Adding a New User Account in SBS 2011 How to add users: 1. First you will have to log into your server using administrator credentials. 2. Next double click your Windows SBS icon. This is located in the desktop, the start menu, or the taskbar. 3. Once you double click the Windows SBS 2011 icon, a User Account Control box will appear. You will want to click “Yes” in this window to allow yourself access to the SBS console. 4. Upon confirmation, Windows SBS 2011 will launch. It will load, by default, on the home screen. In order to add users you must navigate to the “Users and Groups” section by clicking on it in the menu bar. 5. Next you will want to click on “Add a new user account” on the right side of your screen in the Task window. The task window will be where all of your operations can be accessed for either a specific user or general use. On the left you will see an example of the task window. The first section is operations for Drew specifically while the bottom part of the window is for general use. 6. After clicking to add a new user, a window will appear and ask you to enter information for new users. It is best practice to completely fill out the form to help prevent any confusion on who the person is and what is their role. 7. At the bottom of this Window it asks you to choose their role. By default their role will be “Standard User which has limited access to the network, this is ideal for the average user. Additionally, there is a “Network Administrator” role that can be assigned but should only to those you have sufficient knowledge and trust about the server. 8. Hit next once all the information has been enter. This will bring you to create them a network password. It requires that the password is at least 10 digits long with at least three of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols. 9. Once you have created a secure password, click “Add User Account” and you will have successfully added a user to the network. You can verify this by looking in the users display box and locating their user. May have to refresh the window by clicking on “refresh this view” in the task window. 10. After verifying that the user is now added, highlight the user and click on “Edit User Account Properties” on the right side of the screen in the task window. 11. When the properties window opens, click on the “Folders” tab on the left side. 12. Within the “Folders” tab, check “Enable folder redirection to the server” and then “Enable folder redirection quota” to ensure that all user files are redirected to the server as opposed to local machines. 13. Click “OK” to save changes and close the properties window.

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