No Problem Is Ever Fixed Without A Cost

Things are fine? Stop right there ...

We all have things come up that can make a stomach clench. Car problems. Medical or dental expenses. Home surprises that require emergency repair. I am no different. In a business, I have learned that some owners hope there can be freebies or do-overs. Sometimes in a first meeting, this is the opening statement. “We are having computer problems, but I don’t think they are serious. Let me say right away that I don’t expect to spend big money.” Um, nice to meet you too. Let me say up front that most people don’t know how to diagnose computer or network problems. IT management is a specialty profession. May I also say that usually no problem is ever fixed without a cost.

Do You Need Something Fixed Or Do You Want Your IT To Work Well?

There is a difference between a quick fix and a long-range purpose. There are operators who can come quickly and often get a piece of equipment back up and running. Aptica is not that kind of company. We are like financial planners in that we take the long view. We need to know where you want your business to go and what your plans are to get there. Then we can pair your goals and budget with a system that will help you produce. We don’t expect to trash every element of your IT setup and start over. We understand it may take some time to upgrade or replace components that can take you to your next level. For Aptica, it is not about judgment. It is about solving the puzzle of what you have and where you want your company to be. After 20 years, we are very good at it. Call and ask questions. 260.243.5100

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