Out Loud And On Purpose Responses To Things People Say

Things are fine? Stop right there ...

When I sit down with potential clients and sometimes with current clients, I am prepared to deliver

straight talk even if it is bad news. It’s business. But sometimes what I get from clients is so contorted

that I remind myself to count to ten and take deep breaths. I’ve learned to try to listen to what might be

behind the words themselves. What is the core issue, not the introduction? Here is one I hear

surprisingly often: “I’m not going to tell you what’s really wrong, I expect you to be able to figure that

out.” Ah. I’ve wondered if anyone has ever opened a conversation with their doctor like that? Do they

start with “Guess why I’m here?” If you are having computer problems serious enough to call an IT

professional, then list every possible thing you can think of that might be wrong! You don’t have to

explain any of it. You just have to name it. And just like a doctor, we will recognize those items that we

know can be causing your woes, and a fix-it plan will begin to come together at once. Tell me how it is

hurting you. THEN it is my job to make the hurt go away. Describe your symptoms and I can figure out

how to correct the situation. I wonder if these same people want to penalize the plumber because a pipe

broke and they had to call him? At Aptica, we just want to learn of the challenge then get on the solution.

No judgment, just service. It is no one’s fault that we have become so dependent on our electronic

devices. Let’s agree to enjoy them when they are working well for us.

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