Windows 10: I’m a Little Cautious

Aren't we all in this for positive results?

I get asked often about whether or not people should upgrade immediately to the new Windows 10. The perception is that it’s free for now, but that at some imminent future date, everyone will have to pay to get it. I haven’t seen anything about that in recent tech journals and blogs that I follow. I’ve been advising people that it’s okay to wait until after the first of the year to consider making this change.

The new Windows 10 will be different from what most people are used to seeing and using, of course. Even the most progressive users I know are prepared to have to spend some time learning new ways of using their software. For less advanced users, this will cause some frustration and we are prepared to help with that. But for now, millions of people are, in effect, beta testing Windows 10 and I’m guessing there have already been plenty of changes and “fixes” as more users send in their feedback or email in their discoveries of what’s not quite working. I think it’s okay to let that happen for a while. Then, after the first of the year, it will be time to make the switch to Windows 10 and to make it with the resolution to make the time to learn what’s new and what’s different. We will all be in the “clean slate” frame of mind and maybe that will make the transition easier. If you have questions about moving to Windows 10 in your business network, I’m happy to talk to you about it. Call me. Jason Newburg, owner of Aptica. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001

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