Aptica Is Expanding Into Marshall, MI

With every year I’ve been in business, I’ve learned so much about the best way to serve our customers. First, we have to be absolutely on top of the IT business, aware of trends and innovations. And probably second, we have to be able to respond to a crisis in record time. If your business network goes down, then you’re losing productivity. You need your tech support team to be right on top of the problem. I read the tech support trade websites and I investigate new software and programs that come into the market and promise to eliminate down time, increase speed—whatever. I will test run different monitoring systems before I recommend one to a customer. We have had stellar success with our Aptica Way, our blueprint for an efficient business network, and now we are ready to expand into another market. BUT—in keeping with our promise to be there for our customers, our reach cannot be any great than a two hour drive from Angola. Any further away than that, and I feel strongly that drive time would work against our effectiveness. A perfect new market for Aptica is within a two hour drive of our headquarters and will have small-but-possibly-expanding businesses who need top of the line tech support. Marshall, Michigan is our kind of town.Questions about what we have to offer? Call me. 260 243-5100, ext. 2001. Jason Newburg, owner.

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