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My story is probably just like yours. I found I had a knack for working with computers. Because I enjoyed doing that, I made it my career. As I learned from experience and I got better, I also had definite ideas about the best ways to work with computers networked within a business. And so, Aptica LLC was born. I know that most business owners have their hands full directing the work flow for their own companies. When a computer fails or a network goes down, the owner just needs his operation fixed as quickly as possible. This creates a side dilemma: who do you trust to get you back up and running? I have learned that my first responsibility to my customers is to earn that trust, and to always be good for it. Part of what Aptica LLC routinely provides for you is a breakdown of costs each month. You will never hear us say “Oh, we just had to do a bunch of stuff.” You will know exactly what we did and why we had to do it from the detail on your monthly statement. I’m always available to you to answer your questions as well. You don’t have to know all about your computers and your network—you just have to have IT support from people you trust to work in your best interest. I’m honored to have that responsibility on your behalf. You can trust me and anyone on staff at Aptica LLC; we understand that, as your IT support company, we are just part of a larger network of successful businesses. Next, I’ll tell you how we bring you “onboard” when you hire Aptica LLC to support you. Until then, please know you can call me or email me with any questions you may have about how we can help you grow and thrive.

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