Bringing New Clients “On Board”

I understand that time is money. That’s the main reason I put in so much effort on the front end of our working relationship. First, I’ll ask a long list of questions about your business to determine if Aptica is your best fit for IT support. There should not be any misunderstandings about what you need or what we provide, as these misdirects can take precious time to figure out later should there be a crisis. After we see the fit, then my specialists get to work analyzing what you currently have and what you will need for optimal production. At Aptica, we have standards for smooth operation of systems, and our first task is to assess what you have and then do what’s necessary to bring you “on board”. We may need to change out a switch, a firewall, or antivirus software for example, and we do that without a charge to you because ultimately it saves us time and ensures the stability and productivity of your network. These days, interaction with computer programs and the internet is so second nature that most of us take for granted all the ways good  Information Technology impacts us in daily business. Unfortunately the only way to refresh our appreciation seems to be the loss of our computer systems. That’s why getting your system back up and working properly has to be our #1 priority when you need us. But, equally important for your return to computer normalcy is how well your system has been backed up, and how quickly all that data can be restored. Next time, all about critical back up protocol, and how the Aptica Way will ensure your data is safe. Call me today if I can answer your specific questions about partnering with Aptica LLC for your network stability.

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