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With every year of business we get a little wiser here at Aptica LLC. What we know now really necessitated a change in how we present ourselves on our website. And you know, how computers are used in business changes, so the services you need to keep your network must change accordingly also. When you check out the new Aptica LLC website, you’re going to see right away that thing that you need to know first: the cost. Network services, tech support, security monitoring—all of these are now as essential to a successful business as the computer hardware and the competent employees to use them. So now IT support is as much a part of your business budget as any other insurance you have to have. So on our website, our billboard to the world, you see the cost per end-point and you’ll see the range of services that are included in the comprehensive price. I don’t think we try to push anything we haven’t learned from experience you will absolutely need. So for the next few blog posts I want to talk about that topic that can be so hard to face: what’s the cost v. what’s the value. It’s also a part of my job to answer all your questions about what we do. We can start now. Call me. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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