Enter Your Office, Flip On The Lights, Boot Your Computer, Right?

But what if your screen doesn’t light up? Uh oh. Are you supposed to unplug your unit? Um, how long do you wait to see if it will fire up? And then what? Who’s doing IT in the office these days? By the time you figure this all out, half your morning is gone. Computers are the cornerstone of business these days, and when the business grows and all the computers are networked, having even one down can threaten everyone’s productivity for that day. Before you risk this good possibility maybe you should talk to us at Aptica LLC. Our IT support is an insurance as essential to your business as fire, flood and theft. If you hire us, we will “on-board” your network to what we call the Aptica Way. We check everything you currently have in place, then we upgrade where we see necessary and standardize your machines to what we know are best practices for your security and your sustainability. We add you to our 24/7 monitoring system, so it’s possible that even before someone comes into the office, flips on the lights, then tries to boot her computer we already know something is wrong, we already know what it is, and we are on the way to fix it. It doesn’t cost anything but your time to ask me about the advantages and the cost efficiencies of partnering with Aptica to protect your computer network. I can answer your questions about everything. Call me. 260.243.5100, x2001, Jason Newburg, owner.

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