I Also Run A Small Business: I Feel Your Pain

It’s funny, but I had been in business for a few years before I realized that I was modeling my tech support company as I learned about small business problems from my clients. I learned from my clients that it was important to be able to budget for critical business expenses and to know what “critical expenses” meant to me as the owner of Aptica. When we started Aptica some 12 years ago, we were  geeks who loved the logic and the intricacies of how computers worked. Every tekkie in the business back then was reactive, meaning we had to wait until we got a call about a computer problem, then we had to go solve it. Nowadays, of course, every business opens with a boot, right? Walk in, flip on the lights, hit the button to boot the computers or at least shake a mouse to bring up the screen. This all-day-every-day dependence on computer networks and on the Internet has totally changed the way that I do business now. These days, the worst problem is not a computer with a black screen of death. The worst problem is a network invasion that causes a massive loss of data, or ransomware that demands a money wire transfer or you start your business over from scratch. In my business today, we don’t wait for you to call us—we have to know how to prevent you from having to make that call. It’s fast commerce in a rapidly shrinking world, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Call me and let’s talk about what’s critical to your business growth and continued productivity. Jason Newburg, owner at Aptica. 260.243.5100 ext. 2001

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