I Know For Sure What Aptica Is NOT

Sometimes you need to hear about how other IT companies work to really understand how different your professional tech support is. I heard a tale recently from a former client about how the new owners of his former business had brought in another IT support company. One day a guy just showed up, did not introduce himself or explain anything, and went around turning off the employees’ computers right in the middle of their work, claiming he needed to repair something on their machines right that minute. It was so flagrantly rude and unprofessional they thought it was a prank. This guy was right out of a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch, but in fact—he was for real. Aptica does NOT work like that. When we partner with your business, our goal is to keep everyone working every minute they can. We take pride in telling you who we are and what we are there to do. We would never put our own schedule over yours—I was shocked to hear some company techs really act that way. Would your cleaning crew come in and turn on the vacuum cleaners while your staff was on the phones? We’re invested in your success. We are responsible for keeping your network tuned up, running at maximum speed, and safe from cyber marauders. We respect the work that each of your employees contributes, and we collaborate with you about what needs to be done to your network and when. Everyone is really busy these days. We’re different in that we figure out how to do our job around you successfully doing yours. If that is not the kind of service you’re getting from your current IT support company, call me. Jason Newburg, Aptica owner. 260.243.5100, x2001.

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