Security: A Good Time To Continue The Conversation About IT Management

Last week I talked about security as being one of the key reasons to let experts be responsible for your business IT management. After last Friday’s Wanna Cry ransomware attack, I want to revisit that notion. Institutions in over 150 countries were hit, with data files stolen and encrypted until a ransom was paid. In most cases that ransom was only $300. Obviously, these crooks work on volume. This type of assault was a quick and lucrative strike. Who wouldn’t just hand over $300 to get their files back so they could continue working? Perhaps the biggest revelation after the assault began was that major institutions had their data so poorly backed up. Proper backup of data goes a long way to neutralize hacker invasions.

Protecting your client data is a big deal

Hospitals, clinics, banks, telecommunications centers–all ground to a halt as the malware spread last week and the white hat hackers scrambled to stop it. At Aptica LLC, we have seen some computer attacks and we have learned about prevention. Aptica handles ALL technology aspects for the client networks we manage. It’s our job to understand the biggest picture. Because of computers, commerce is no longer just a regional endeavor even if that’s where your market is. If you have a website, you are vulnerable. If you have data stored, you are vulnerable. We will be responsible for all the facets of your business, and that includes managing your traditional network (LAN), your mobile device computing, and your Cloud-based services. Most businesses are using all three conventions, interacting on a daily basis.

IT management is a specialty

Are you up-to-date on the status of your IT system? Is your client data secure? If you hesitate for second in answering either of these, Aptica would love to give you some peace of mind. We can answer your questions about security and IT management in today’s scary world. Call us at 260.243.5100. We can handle it for you.

Jason Newburg, 260.243.5100, ext 2001, is the founder and owner of Aptica LLC. This IT support and management company has been serving small to medium sized businesses for 15 years in the area that includes Angola, South Bend, and Fort Wayne, IN and Battle Creek, MI.

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